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Our objective in this section is none other that the one we set in the Spanish section. We are a not for profit page. We do not seek or receive contributions. Our mission is to educate, comment and give perspective on the Cuban issue. We do this through original articles sent to us for publication and by continuing comments on the news and opinion as it develops. The comments on the various articles reflect our views and are meant to bring together the topics highlighted by the news or opinion items and to show the nature of the regime. There is no better editorial and educational comment than to refer to factual items as reported by credible sources. We may agree or disagree in full or in part in our comment.        


Christmas Behind Bars Myles Kantor Front Page Magazine

Kweisi Mfume's silence is deafening!

Administration Said to Weigh New Choices for Top Latin Post. By JAMES DAO   (NYT)   12/19/02

The article discusses candidates for Mr. Reich's job and says that his opposition to him comes from two groups. So called "liberal" democrats (not our understanding of classic liberalism) that do not like his "conservative" views i.e. he doesn't want to cuddle Castro and farm belt Senators. Yet in another article published on the same date on the effects of Nafta on rural Mexico. (Nafta to Open Foodgates, Engulfing Rural Mexico.By GingerThompson) the following statements are attributed to Mexican farmers: " Farm leaders pointed to President Bush's farm bill, which promised $180 billion in spending over the next 10 years, as an example of unfair trade practices by the United States. A typical farmer in Mexico receives $722 a year in government subsidies, officials say, while the average American farmer will receive more than $20,000 under the bill signed by President Bush."

Now, it would seem that farm Senators want it both ways with no limits on taxpayers contribution as trade with Castro will be another subsidy given the Cuban dictator notorious  inability to pay. It would seem to Cuban Americans that 180 billion is a big enough slice of pork. Dear Farm Senators: If you have no moral compunction about subsidizing tyranny, at least leave the taxpayers alone.

Our Man in Caracas. Not. WSJ 12/18/02

This editorial from the WSJ completes the picture outlined in the following articles. Politics when managed by personal resentments knows no bounds. Not only is the national interest of the United States blatantly ignored, the whole process of selection is diminished to a point that only pliant mediocrities need apply. As the article says while Caracas burns Reich is forced to sit. Better yet:While Caracas burns Dodd fiddles

An American Diplomat Waits in Political Limbo. James Dao NYT 12/14/02.


By G. Robert Hillman The Dallas Morning News

We wonder what Senator Lugar means by the need to have a  'big leaguer" on the job. Sounds to us like a code word for "non Cuban." The reader may refer to the previous article on the qualifications of Mr. Reich. Given the dismal qualifications of many of his predecessors  which often did not even have foreign language skills and were obvious political hacks, the comment sounds pretty ugly. We hope the Lott malady is not contagious.

Critics Assail Fidel Castro's 'Sickening' Grip on Hollywood Celebs. -By Marc MoranoCNSNews.com Senior Staff Writer
December 17, 2002

All that anybody has to do is to browse this page to see how monumentally frivolous this crowd is. One thing is to repeat scripts and another to do some serious thinking. But if you only have limited mental ability.....or a guilt complex like the author explains then things fall into place

To Jewish Leaders: Defend Your Cuban Brethren. Myles Kantor Font Page Magazine

Washinton Post Editorial on Cuban Prisoners. Nov.13, 2002

Succinct and to the point. It is appreciated by all freedom loving Cubans

Index of Economic Freedom.

Of 156 countries. Cuba 155, North Korea 156. But...some of our good congressmen and some of our socialist congressmen ( we have 56) want to give Cuba credit at US taxpayers expense.

List of Socialist U.S. Congressmen. Most of them are Castro supporters. Yes, there is ideology involved. Greed and vanity are also present.

Liberty = Prosperity. W.S.J. Mary A. O'Grady 11/12/02

The Baghdad-Havana Axis of Jew Hatred

An Open Letter to Steven Spielberg.

Amnesty International on Cuban prisoner

Text in Spanish and English

China's Congress of Crony Capitalists. WSJ Nov 11/02.  

One interesting fact from the article. The worst paid Chinese workers make $100.00 a month. Contrast: The average Cuban makes $10.00 a month 90 miles away from the US. Cuba supposedly blockaded by the "evil" US owes $40 billion to the world and has nothing to show for it, except being the world most notorious deadbeat and electing the same old corrupt crowd year after year. Where did the money go? Cuba had very little debt before Castro a freely convertible currency at par with the dollar, and Latin America highest wages. Take note Spielberg. After your tea and cookies with Castro maybe you can come back and live for a week on a Cuban ration card. Oh, and bring Barbara and Harry with you, the tyrannosaurus would love a serenade.

Sell the Christmas tree, but don’t mention Christmas  José Manuel Caraballo.

Just in case you missed it Cuba is a "secular state" according to Castro. So secular that you can't even talk about religion. Hmm...  last time we checked that sounded like atheistic censure.

Iraq daily Newspaper.

The Cuban delegation congratulated President Saddam Hussei on the occasion Of re-electing His Excellency for the Presidency post for another seven years.

Mr. Aresh expressed Cuba solidarity with Iraqi people in its steadfastness against US. Link to: AFP Fidel Castro blasts savage US policy towards Irak

Newly Released Cuban Dissident Starts Slugging At Castro -- 11/05/2002

Liberty = Prosperity

Dr. Biscet who has suffered immensely does not share Steven Spielberg's opinion. Spielberg visited Havana  spent 8 hours with Castro and came out ranting against the embargo. Such things happen when well fed persons intent only in indulging their curiosity, dine with a tyrannosaurus.

U.S. Reacting to Pentagon Spy Case, Expels 4 Cuban Envoys

The NYT article explains what they did. One was the chief congressional and US company contact. Thus, the measure appears to be calculated to break that link and send a message: you deal with enemies.

WSJ. How a Cuban Spy Sowed Confusion in The Pentagon.

The author, Ms O' Grady hits the nail in the head. 

The Cuban-American community has been calling attention for decades to the unrepentant nature of Castro and his close cohorts who harbor a pathological hatred of the United States. However they are very good at mixing their hatred with playing the role of "genial and simpatico hosts." Remember 'Uncle' Joe Stalin with pipe and smile? It is in the nature of this ilk to be mimetic. They are usually aided and abetted by socialist groupies from the west, the dollar is my god businessmen, unscrupulous politicians and just plain old dupes. In spite of this spy's conviction, which makes obvious facts plain as water, Castro and his congressional and business cohorts are brazenly demanding the Big Prize: massive credit and tourism from the United States. Yes, Cuba got something for passing on state secrets but it pales next to the big prize which will be used in a controlled way ( it would not be open borders into Cuba ) to subvert US policies following the Marxist dictum: "they will sell us the rope with which to hang them." And such is the Main Role of the Montes kind of spy: keep them slumbering and then pick their pockets.

Pentagon Sets Up Intelligence Unit. NYT 10/24/2002

This article points out how subjective intelligence evaluation can be. Precisely the same thing, but in spades has occurred in the Cuban situation wherein intelligence has been evaluated through the prism of Ana Belen Montes a convicted spy at the DIA who happened to be in charge of intelligence for Cuba. To many that work seriously on Cuban issues this quote is as reminder of the incredulity of many in the media establishment  about the Castro threat. The warnings are dismissed as "exaggerations."  It closely resembles the 1960's attitude.

See related articles: Secretary Bolton's Lecture on Weapons of Mass Destruction.Given at The Heritage Foundation on 05/06/02

The Miami Herald 06-16-2002 She led two lives -- dutiful analyst, and spy for Cuba

Bolton. Irak Cuba Seek Materials Banned By Bio Weapons Pact.

More information: Scroll down to Bioterrorism



WSJ.com - Communist Icons Suffer Mixed Fates In Modern Moscow.


Nothing new it is part of the dark side of the human condition

Megalomania recalled:

A glaring example cited in NYT article Oct 14/02.

Quote: "But a Nov. 16 letter to Mr. Mikoyan from Nikita S. Khrushchev, the Soviet leader, revealed Soviet impatience with the Cubans' rejection of inspections and their pledge to shoot down American spy planes.

"Cuba, which now does not even want to consult with us, wants to practically drag us behind it by a leash, and wants to pull us into a war with the Americans by its actions," Mr. Khrushchev wrote. "We cannot and will not agree to this

The only reason Castro has not done more damage is for lack of resources not because lack of desire. One of the great megalomaniacs of the 20th century. But the assorted visitors, interviewers, politicians et al. refuse to see the truth. With frivolity they appear to relish their visit to the Cuban zoo to see the one extant example of a political brontosaurius.

Socialized Medicine in Cuba 2002 (Parts I and II)

Most well meaning people that are misinformed about Cuba believe the Cuban government propaganda about medical care. First rate care is available only for medical tourism and the governmental elite. Not unlike what happened in the Soviet Union who trumpeted advanced care until the collapse of communism revealed the ugly truth.. The dozens of pharmacies, present in any Cuban American neighborhood in this country, that send medicines to Cuba  are a testimony to this fact. Nothing new, it has been going on for 40 years. There is no embargo on this humanitarian assistance rendered by US relatives of ailing Cubans. In any case Cuba could import the medicines from Europe Canada etc. but this would mean using resources for things that the government is not interested on. First priority as always in these regimes is the security and armed forces apparatus and of course their propaganda machine. For those able to read Spanish please visit the attached link where noted dissenters inside Cuba furnish a well researched analysis of what the situation really is. The article contains tables on public health , infant mortality et. al. plus comparisons with other countries both before and after Castro. A truly enlightening piece written by brave people facing daily persecution Link to: opinion9 ( Translation: The so called Advances)

Cuba: Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights (2002) (ICFTU Website)

We guess Jesse Jackson , Spielberg, et al missed this one!

Why Havana Had to Die by Theodore Dalrymple. City Journal Summer 2002.

Briliant article on Cuba's arquitectural gems  and why Castro has let them crumble.

List of Socialist U.S. Congressmen.

Most of them are Castro supporters. Yes, there is ideology involved. Greed and vanity are also present.

Blind Cuban presses fight for human rights. 

 Of course he didn't merit a visit from the peripatetic US congressmen that fawn upon Castro despite his blindness and the repugnant act of beating him while in jail and of confiscating his cane, Braille books, dark glasses ,and meager possessions.

Poll Indicates Americans Support Embargo

Canada's Engagement in Cuba has Accomplished Little and Cost Much. Link to:Economica

Should American Taxpayers Subsidize Fidel Castro?                                                                                                 

The Third Intervention Project: The Rule of Outrage By Alberto Luzarraga

Quote: " Scores of congressmen and businessmen visit, cater to, and fawn before the Cuban version of a decrepit godfather hoping to gain a portion of the loot for their supporters and/or companies. Their argument: the embargo did not work, we must try something else. Which really means: given that we could not reform the gang lets participate in the loot and sell them what they need.But wait, it gets worse. Castro is broke so in order to buy, he needs credit and of course the "smart" thing to do is to make the US government the creditor, to whom the sellers would sell thereby sticking it to the US. taxpayer.

For contrast, again a bit of history. During the first US intervention the Foraker Law was passed prohibiting American companies to bid for government projects in order to avoid patronage and corruption. The Army meant business: the Postmaster General appointed by the military government was found to be stealing and was indicted, judged, declared guilty, swiftly cashiered, sent to the United States and punished. Those Americans had a high regard for the nation's honor. But today the policy of our congressmen is really "creative": Given that the gang won't change, their solution is: Let us inaugurate a new way of doing things in the continent, The Rule of Outrage.  ".....what is monumentally stupid is to expect the Rule of Outrage to have a future. One hundred years ago, when it emerged as a country, Cuba may have lacked a population with a working concept of democracy. But today there are almost two million of Cubans in exile. Many have distinguished themselves in politics, business and the arts and know what it is all about. And in Cuba proper, there is an educated dissidence that has learned through suffering and will not be manipulated as easily as the good congressmen and their allies in the Cuban government think. Face up to it, you are interventionists but not very bright. Like it or not, you must rely on the repressive forces of the present government to implement your vision of things and such arrangements do not last."

Fugitives Sought by US Find a Protector in Castro's Cuba. Link to: Corrupcion Y Criminalidad

Cuba Expresses Solidarity With Iraq

Iran-Cuba Official Meeting and Solidarity

AFP_ Fidel Castro blasts "savage"_ US policy towards Iraq.htm

Castro's comment should grab the attention of people in government. particularly in congress. But our socialist congressmen, and we have more than a few,  as opposed to the dollar sign ones that want to profit from Castro, simply don't care. They must keep the socialist flame burning in the Americas. All other considerations are secondary and they will continue to ignore all warnings. Castro can do no wrong.

Reuters_ Rafter identified as ex-aide to Raul Castro defects to U_S_

Sinking ship....... but some of our congressmen  want to lend it money. Rats jump out, some congressmen jump in . Beltway logic but....of course its not their money but ours.

Convicted Cuban Torturer Dies in Fla before sentence could be applied.

Castro: Cuba is Communist Forever.

Well, so much for those who expect him to change.The narcissism of dictators is an occupational disease. They do not change . Trying to influence them with gifts a la congressman Flake is at best naive, and at worst.....you pick the adjective


Castro Says Socialism is Untouchable.

"In a blistering speech before hundreds of thousands of people in a drenching rain Saturday, President Fidel Castro said the democracy President Bush wants to see in Cuba would be a corrupt and unfair system that ignores the poor."

Castro's is system is the good one. It makes everybody poor except  the members of the new class that fly to Paris for their fashions and are accountable to no one the godfather Don Fidel owner of a 120,000sq. km. farm which only he and his cohorts enjoy. Use the link below, see graphic depictions of today's reality, and reach or own conclusions about  luxury an poverty.

A graphic comparison. Luxury vs. poverty in Havana. See actual photos

Why Cubans Don't Overthrow Castro. By Myles Kantor Front Page Magazine.

The author touches with deep perception a topic we have encountered throughout our life in The United States and travel to other free countries. But there always is another implied question that is not asked. Could it be that they like him? Inevitable question  for a person formed in a democratic society where disliked politicians are thrown out in elections. Yes they know Cuba is a totalitarian society but they do not understand what that means. They have heard about the French revolution the American  revolution etc. Why can't the Cubans  have one? The article explains how difficult it is to revolt against a totalitarian society. The system of tyranny has progressed much and the disappointments suffered by the best of the opposition are legion. The West in many instances has turned a blind eye and has allowed true heroes to die or rot in prison.

The Bush Doctrine Comes to Cuba. Link to Editorial by Fred Barnes at The Weekly Standard.

Just plain common sense. Don' feed the dog that will bite you. We have been asking the same question of Congressman Flake and Co. Why the mad rush to subsidize a gifted deadbeat?


Desperation is the trade mark of these regimes. While Cubans prosper in freedom they despair in tyranny

I Sell Kids for Sex: By: Graham Johnson And Nyra Mahmood Sunday Mirror London January 6 2002.

We suppose that even Castro apologists cannot claim this as  one of the "successes of the Cuban revolution."Eleven year olds offered as prostitutes by a supposedly Iraqi national who turns out to really have a Jordanian passport. Does videos of young farm girls whom he invites to a seemingly innocent house party. The video becomes the sales pitch. The complicity of the regime is obvious . In this kind of totalitarian dictatorship nothing happens on a repetitive fashion without it being known and permitted. Do we need to insist that this is supposed to be a government that boasts of its "concern" for children?  The Mirror and its reporters have done a commendable job of exposing a revolting trade.    

Fidel and Friends by Paul Greenberg.

Mr. Greenberg asks the question that we have been asking for a long time: why should the US taxpayer subsidize a tyranny that is allied with our enemies and figures prominently on the terrorist nations list? Are we fighting terrorism? If so why this inexplicable behavior from US congressmen? We understand they want to sell products for their constituents but with credit to a notorious deadbeat that is our enemy?

Lifting Travel Ban Would Help Castro. By By Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson is a policy analyst for Latin America at the Heritage Foundation, a public-policy research institute in Washington, D.C.  

Castro says US should ask forgiveness of Cuba. Andrew Cathorne Reuters.

We suppose it is for not having allowed more frequent spying.  Soon he will ask for reparations. It is one way of repairing his ruined economy and distraction attention from the notoriety he has gained as a "distinguished" member of the terrorist nation list issued by the US State Department


U.N Human Rights Commission Calls for Human Rights Inspections

Famous Letter from Castro to Nikita Khruschev Advising Preemptive Nuclear Strike. LA NUEVA CUBA.

 For translation in English and follow link to George Washington University

LA NUEVA CUBA.Book Discloses Close Call With Soviet Submarine During Missile Crisis. Captain had ordered arming of nuclear torpedo.

The article describes chilling events in October 62. This is the same man Congressman Flake wants to lend money to



U.N Human Rights Commission Calls for Human Rights Inspections

Subject: Annual Report on Cuba of Reporters Without Frontiers

Quote: "The release of two journalists from prison in 2001 did not herald a softening of the government's attitude towards the media, which is subtly and effectively repressed so as to maintain the state's monopoly control of information. The activity of independent journalists and foreign press correspondents is closely monitored."

Meissner Ordered Evidence on Elian's Case Destroyed. Judicial Watch April 10/02.

Copy of Internal INS Memo on Elian with handwritten note on Meissner's order to destruct of emails.

This document appears to indicate that they knew the problem and decided to ignore the obvious. Meissner, clearly worried and aware, orders destruction of evidence of internal conversations that alluded to the issue and issues another order: no more written documents on conversations re. Elian. At the time we wrote extensively on the legal predicament that the INS had placed itself, taking at face value  the words of a person that lived in a totalitarian state.

Gorbachev: Communism was Pure Propaganda.

If you think Cuba is different..............we can put you in touch with a good shrink. How can anybody pretend that Castro after 43 years in the job engages in anything but....?

Cuba Sued in U.S. Over Firing Squad Execution.

The family of an American killed by a Cuban firing squad in 1961 filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in hopes of winning financial damages under a 5-year-old federal law. ``I'm angry,'' Bonnie Anderson said in announcing the lawsuit Friday with her mother, sister and two brothers. ``We're all older than he was when he was killed.'' The Andersons moved to Cuba in 1947, but most of the family left in 1960 after the Cuban revolution. At the time, Howard Anderson stayed behind to run the family's service stations. Another case that illustrates the nature of the regime and its lack of respect for anybody.



Latest developments. For full Menu Click on U.S. Policy

US Expels Four Cuban Diplomats

The proof is in the pudding!



Bolton. Irak Cuba Seek Materials Banned By Bio Weapons Pact

Secretary Secretary Bolton's Lecture on Weapons of Mass Destruction.pdf Given at TheHeritage Foundation on 05/06/02

US Senate Votes Unanimously to Support Cuban Dissident Demands

President Bush Announces Initiative for a New Cuba.May 20/02 Link to State Department page

Quote: "The United States has no designs on Cuban sovereignty. It's not a part of our strategy, or a part of our vision. Today, I'm announcing an Initiative for a New Cuba that offers Cuba's government a way forward towards democracy and hope, and better relations with the United States. Opposition parties should have the freedom to organize, assemble, and speak, with equal access to all airwaves. All political prisoners must be released and allowed to participate in the election process. Human rights organizations should be free to visit Cuba to ensure that the conditions for free elections are being created. And the 2003 elections should be monitored by objective outside observers. These are the minimum steps necessary to make sure that next year's elections are the true expression of the will of the Cuban people. If Cuba's government takes all the necessary steps to ensure that the 2003 elections are certifiably free and fair -- certifiably free and fair -- and if Cuba also begins to adopt meaningful market-based reforms, then -- and only then -- I will work with the United States Congress to ease the ban on trade and travel between our two countries.



The author, a professor at FIU presents a well documented report to sustain the conclusions announced in the title.


All that is reported in this article has been detailed in this page and other sources for a long time.We are glad that  the mainstream press is finally paying attention.


A narrative that permits to assess what the US officials say and how it is received by the high priests of the almighty dollar. They won't believe anything until the problem is in their porch and bites them.

Army Will Simulate Bio/Chemical Attack Off Key West. AP.

Army Times April 12/02. Now, this may be routine or they know something we don't know?



The famous smoking gun is not available, but in these matters it seldom is. The anthrax case is still open. What the author points out is that the way to do this may be different i.e. through migrating birds and that there is evidence that points that way. The plot thickens when one reads an article by a defecting Cuban scientist. about collaboration with Iran. Link to: Wine Into Vinegar. The Fall of Cuban Biotechnology, and scroll to high lighted portion which details sale to Iran of technology. Since then time has passed but recently (august 02) the head of the Cuban Biotechnology Labs.  Mr. Limonta was dismissed for "unauthorized" exchanges with Iran. Pretty convenient. What is going on preemptive excuse? See also Secretary Bolton's speech on the subject delivered at the Heritage Foundation on 5/06/02. Bolton lecture.pdf.

 And further see Bolton's speech of August 30 on the topic of Bio warfare: Bolton. Irak Cuba Seek Materials Banned By Bio Weapons Pact.

Bolton. Irak Cuba Seek Materials Banned By Bio Weapons Pact. August 30/02

Secretary Secretary Bolton's Lecture on Weapons of Mass Destruction.pdf Given at TheHeritage Foundation on 05/06/02

Cuba Markets WMD Technology. La NuevaCuba June 12/02

Inspect Cuba for Production of Biological Weapons

US Claims Proof of Cuba'sGerm War Project .Julian Borger in Washington Thursday June 6, 2002 The Guardian  

The habitual naysayers, pooh poohed secretary Bolton's initial denunciation. They preferred to believe an aging tyrant than a US Undersecretary of State accountable to congress. Now we have another Undersecretary ,this one in charge of intelligence repeating the same. We suppose they will only be convinced "bug in hand". Too late then.

Bolton Links Montes to Lack of Attention to Cuba's bio Threat

Cuba May Have Bio Warfare Program. AP 5/5/02

Army Will Simulate Bio/Chemical Attack Off Key West. AP. Army Times April 12/02. Now, this may be routine or they know something we don't know.

Russian Expert on Cuba's Biological Weapons Program

Excerpt taken from: BIOHAZARD: The Chilling true story of the largest covert biological weapons program in the World by Ken Alibek (Random House, 2000). Pages 273-277.

Mr. Alibek is a former deputy director of Biopreparat, the Soviet Union’s biological weapons program. He defected to the United States and has testified before the Senate on several occasions. He now runs his own consulting service in Va.

Again, this is not opinion but a witness testifying about what he saw and heard. When this comment is related to the details provided by other sources, (see below) which follow and ratify what Alibek said, one can see that this is more than a passing comment about an event. It is a continuing problem.

Quote: "When Yuri Ovchinnikov died in 1987, I joined a group of Biopreparat scientists at his funeral services in Moscow. The conversation eventually turned to Cuba’s surprising achievements in genetic engineering. Someone mentioned that Cuban scientists had successfully altered strains of bacteria at a pharmaceutical facility just outside of Havana. "Where did such a poor country get all of that knowledge and equipment?" I asked. "From us, of course," he answered with a smile.

Mr Alibek has testified before the House  on the subject."A fourth type of proliferation occurs when the proliferating country sells equipment that can be used in biological weapons production. An example of this is the planned sale by Russia of large fermenters to Iraq after the Persian Gulf War. Similarly, in 1990, Biopreparat was negotiating the sale of equipment to Cuba."

For full testimony go to:

Statement of Dr. Alibek at the House

WHO WILL CHECK OUT FIDEL CASTRO'S NEW CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS PLANT IN EAST HAVANA? By Jonathan T. Stride. Mr. Stride brings up a logical point: why are we only concerned about the distant threat in Iraq when another one is so close?

NBC. Ike Seaman's Report: Cuba's Biological Weapon Industry Miami October 10. Another question on the same topic.  Mr. Seaman mentions Ken Alibek and his testimony.

Fidel Castro's Deadly Secret - Five BioChem Warfare Labs. By: Martin Arostegui.

Link to: SIGHTINGS.Insight Magazine (Washington Times) Vol 14, No 26 July 20, 1998 If you want details about who is doing what read this article.

US Expels Four Cuban Diplomats

The proof is in the pudding!

WSJ. How a Cuban Spy Sowed Confusion in The Pentagon.

The Miami Herald 06-16-2002 Infiltration, seduction among Cuban spy tactics in U.S.

The Miami Herald 06-16-2002 She led two lives -- dutiful analyst, and spy for Cuba

June16 02 Miami Herald. The author goes into psychological speculation searching the cause of the subjects conduct. In this dirty business many weapons are used including whatever weakness the victim may have. Castro's apparatus is famous for its ability to entangle and blackmail and this is probably a very important component of the problem. In any case the important point is that the subject had access  top secret information for 16 years and in the words of US officials "she ranks in the league of major turncoats". Not surprisingly this issue has received very little publicity and does not seem to deter the Castro apologists in congress that insist in financing him. The follies of unthinking salesmen are always the same. Sell to  your enemies, finance them and think later.


Castro Spy at DIA Pleads Guilty. A.P. 3/19/02.

Admits revealing names of four U.S. undercover agents. The degree of penetration at very high levels puts a lie to the often heard plea: "Cuba is just a little country with no offensive capabilities." Still, some U.S. Congressmen and Senators want to lend Castro (a notorious default artist) money at U.S. taxpayers expense. For more on this see the Economic section articles on Cuba's debt.

Cuban Spy Sentenced to Life.

This in is not "opinion' either. We shall see what final sentence the spy that has just plead guilty under a plea bargain scheme, finally gets. Apparently 25 years will be the minimum if she cooperates


Cuba and Cyberattacks.March 7 /02. Washington, A.P.Following Sept. 11 and the capture of the Cuban spy at the DIA the government initiates a review which is both  logical and required.

U.S. Continues to Ignore Castro Terrorism. Judicial Watch. This well known public advocacy organization  is suing Castro in Belgium for crimes against humanity.

Castros Cuba: Continuing Sponsor of Terrorism. By Ambassador Dennis K. Hays.

Castro and Terrorism A Chronology. By Eugene Pons Institute for Cuban & Cuban-American Studies. An excellent document wherein the author presents fact after fact in a chilling chronology

CASTRO’S TERRORIST CONNECTION. By Ernesto Betancourt. Mr. Betancourt explains the mimetic qualities of a terrorist mind



Three Generations. By Pedro Freyre

Cuba: Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights (2002) (ICFTU Website)

Why Havana Had to Die by Theodore Dalrymple.

Cuba's Blacks Drop Behind.

A Young Cuban Student in the US Talks About Himself.


International Organizations and Post Castro's Cuba. Ernesto Betancourt. ASCE 2002.Link to: ProcesoDeCambio

Quote " As will be seen later on, insiders within the nomenklatura have  [created] a managerial oligarchy that controls state enterprises in partnership with foreign investors.  This insider oligarchy will resist any effort to move towards a  free market economy, not to mention democratic rule.  Surprisingly, these regime insiders count with the support of a group of retired US generals who support a succession, rather than a transition, under the leadership of Raúl Castro. Fortunately, they may not prevail. See:  Cuban Officials - U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Security - Center for Defense Information (Link to Center)


Cuban farmer's son wins World Food Prize.

There is no reason for Cuba to import most of its food. It is blessed with a fertile soil. According to professor Levi Marrero 90% of Cuba's soil has agricultural value as most of it is either flat or consists of soft rolling hills. Of these, 60% are first class soils as opposed to Mexico that only has 12% of its soils classified as first class. Thus, although Mexico is 17.2 times the size of Cuba  ( 1.972 M sq Klm vs. 114 M) optimum  agricultural soil is only 3.5 times that of Cuba for a population is 10 times larger. And then Cuba receives 1370 mm of annual precipitation evenly distributed. Talented Cubans such as the recipient of the award that had to leave the island due to confiscation of his farm would have known how to put this wealth to work. Link to more facts: La Riqueza Intrínseca de Cuba

"DES MOINES - (AP). A Cuban farmer's son whose hopes of improving the family farm were dashed during Fidel Castro's rise to power has won the 2002 World Food Prize for developing methods to feed millions of starving people.

Cuban Catholic Youth Seek Asylum in Canada. Myles B. Kantor

The author reminds us of historical facts and quotes appropriate parts of the Catechism of The Catholic Church

Link to List of Firing Squad Victims Since 1959. Go to site and at right hand click on: "Relación de Cubanos Fusilados,asesinados desde 1959."( list of Cubans shot and or assassinated since 1959.)

According to the Black Book of Communism*: "between 1959 and the late 90s more than 100,000 Cubans experienced life in one of the camps, prisons, or open regime sites . Between 15,000 and 17,000 people were shot."

* The Black Book of Communism.  Harvard University Press 1999  page 664. The French original translated by Jonathan Murphy and Frank Kramer. Tony Judt of the New York Times had this to say in a review:  " An 800 page compendium of the crimes of Communist regimes worldwide, recorded in ghastly detail by a team of scholars, The facts and figures...are irrefutable.'

The estimate does not include the persons that  have disappeared, the casualties resulting from Castro's military adventures in Africa, and the death toll of those drowned in the gulf trying to escape or sunk by the border guards while trying to do so . The African casualties are estimated at 10,000,and the other death tolls at more than 50,000. Propaganda notwithstanding there is not doubt Castro has led the bloodiest tyranny that has ever soiled the face of the Americas.

The list shown on the link is only a partial list prepared on the basis of proof submitted by the near kin.
Although in Spanish, it will convey to the English reader another aspect of the Cuban revolution, beyond the regime's propaganda or the frivolity of the pleasure seeking visitors, not to mention the cynicism of the "profit at any cost" crowd.

The Real Che Guevara. Humberto Fontova.

Megaphone for a Dictator
CNN’s Coverage of Castro’s Cuba, 1997-2002

Link to Media Research Center Home Page. MRC Executive Summary Follows. For complete report use link to  MRC and search under title.

     CNN’s Havana bureau now has a five-year track record that can be evaluated, and the results are not good. Media Research Center analysts reviewed all 212 stories about the Cuban government or Cuban life that were presented on CNN’s prime time news programs from March 17, 1997, the date the Havana bureau was established, through March 17, 2002. Major findings:

  • CNN gave spokesmen for the communist regime a major advantage, broadcasting sound bites from Fidel Castro and his spokesmen six times more frequently than non-communist groups such as Catholic church leaders and peaceful dissidents.
  • CNN’s stories included six times as many sound bites from everyday Cubans who voiced agreement with Castro and supported his policies than quotes from Cuban citizens disagreeing with the government.
  • CNN provided very little coverage of Cuba’s dissidents, who were the focus of only seven of the 212 Cuba stories broadcast during the past five years, or about three percent of CNN’s total coverage.ay, Cuba.
  • CNN also practically ignored Cuba’s lack of democracy, a topic which was featured in only four stories (or just under two percent).
  • Much of CNN’s coverage of Cuba focused on the tiniest slices of everyday life, which created the sense that Cuba was basically a normal country, not one in the grip of a dictatorship’s secret security apparatus.
  • On CNN, Castro was treated more as a celebrity than a tyrant. Rather than revealing the dirty secrets of his dictatorship to the world, CNN reported on Castro’s 73rd birthday celebrations.

     The MRC report concluded that “CNN could have used its unique bureau to add to the American public’s knowledge of the only totalitarian state in the Western hemisphere. But instead of enlightening the public about the regime’s repression, CNN’s Havana office has mainly provided Castro and his subordinates with a megaphone to defend their dictatorship and denigrate their democratic opponents.”     I

Medical Journal Exposes Cuba's Failed Doctor Diplomacy. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. So much for the vaunted medical advances.

Art Lost: Cuban Artistic Patrimony and its Restitution: Cuban Artistic Patrimony and its Restitution. By Alberto S. Bustamante

Quote: "In October 1996 a group of members of Cuban National Heritage traveled through Eastern Europe. "All over Eastern Europe we saw the restoration of its heritage. The Veit Stoss Altar from St. Mary's Church in Krakow, Poland, was especially impressive. This masterpiece of the 15th Century was found in the Nuremberg bunkers with other stored items in 1946. Months later it was returned to Krakow with other Polish treasures. This was celebrated all over Poland. We thought of the national tragedy of Cuba, where the artistic patrimony has been disposed of, not by an invading country but, sadly, by our own people abiding by the totalitarian dictates of the system. The ongoing rape of the Cuban heritage should not continue to be ignored by the free world."  NOT TO BE LEFT "UNATTENDED" IS THE VICTIMS' PROPERTY

Reclaiming Art Caught in The Cuban Revolution. Celestine Bohlen NYT 06/06/02. Nothing new here. It has been going on for a long time as Mr. Bustamante explains in the preceding article. Warehouses were filled with art that went first to the mansions of the new class. Lately they have been cashing in, perhaps in anticipation of Castro's demise. The article mentions works left behind with friends that found their way out. This is true in small amount of cases. Most friends had to leave and the contents of their home were also confiscated. But it makes for handy excuse for the professional "fences" that t have exploited this dirty business  for years.




The Real Che Guevara. Humberto Fontova. t

The Bay of Pigs-The Truth. By Humberto Fontova  .

FAR: MASTERING REFORMS. Domingo Amuchástegui. ASCE


"When Raúl Castro went to China, he spent long hours talking to Zhu (something that was not reflected in the Cuban press) and invited his main adviser to travel to Cuba (something that Fidel did not do when he visited China). This famous adviser went to Cuba, caused a tremendous impact, talked to leaders and executives for many hours and days, but there was one person who refused to do so, except for a brief and formal reception: Fidel Castro.This is a political elite, with or without a uniform, highly unified, fighting for its survival, recovery, and continuity. It is not a segment of society or the state known as "the military," isolated in its drills and barracks. It is a group learning to master new systems and spaces in which they can insert themselves once they retire, and that will meet as well the expectations of the generations and segments of the population that are still loyal to the existing power structure.'


Excerpt: The purpose of this essay is to analyze the FAR’s involvement in addressing Cuba’s economic crisis. The first part will look at the "special period" and its cause. The second part will review the FAR’s management and strategy to address the crisis, e.g., the creation and implementation of perfeccionamiento empresarial and the last part will examine the armed forces control of the Cuban economy’s two important sectors — tourism

 Cuba's Armed Forces Power and Reforms. By Domingo Amuchastegui ASCE

Excerpt: "While Fidel Castro is full of objections and hostility against the Chinese model, Raúl, Ramón, Casas Regueiro and his team, and the "civilians" that are close to them, see in this model an extraordinary source of valid lessons. Fidel Castro while visiting China paid little attention to Zhu Rongji; his brother Raúl did the opposite and moreover he invited Zhu Rongji’s principal adviser to visit Cuba to share experiences, to lecture and debate on the Chinese model. Who refused to share and debate in detail with this visiting expert? No one except Fidel Castro! "

Evolution, Transition and the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces. ASCE 99.Armando F. Mastrapa, III ASCE

Excerpt: " As a result of the drastic downsizing of the FAR as a consequence of the "special period," Cuba’s armed forces have become a constabulary force, charged with the domestic guardianship of the Revolution and state. However, the decline of the FAR does not eliminate their potential for engaging in offensive warfare. The potential threat of biological armaments is a serious scenario one should be vigilant of. In conclusion the FAR have evolved from within the purview of institutional conflict and succeeded in asserting command of institutional conflict. They have assisted the Cuban economy, benefiting themselves from it, and proactively dominated sectors producing substantial wealth. Finally, the FAR remain a potent military force domestically able to engage in offensive operations that can potentially pose a serious risk if faced with an external challenge to its governing elites.

Cuban Officials - U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Security - Center for Defense Information (Link to Center)

This Center blossomed during Clinton's presidency. The contacts are still there. Browse through and keep your  blood pressure down when you see the segment on the Guardafronteras or border guards. They are pictured as an innocuous drug interdiction machine. Their function as keepers of the citizens in their island cage? Nothing about that or about the killings of people trying to escape. It is shameful that such things are ignored by people that should know better but their objective is obviously not the liberty of the Cuban people

US Citizens Killed By Castro

Cuba and the Torture of American POWs in VietnamBy Michael D. Benge.

Excerpt: "Cuban officials, under diplomatic cover in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, brutally tortured and killed American POWs whom they beat senseless in a research program "sanctioned by the North Vietnamese."(1) This was dubbed the "Cuba Program" by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the CIA, and it involved 19 American POWs (some reposts state 20). Recent declassified secret CIA and DOD intelligence documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the extent of Cuba's involvement with American POWs captured in Vietnam. A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report states that "The objective of the interrogators was to obtain the total submission of the prisoners..."(2


Communist regimes specialize in kangaroo trials. The article describes how the system is organized and how one could return to normalcy, an indispensable endeavor if Cuba is to be a country that receives investment and protects rights.

Quote: "How to write this article and contribute something that may be useful in such complicated circumstances? This is the question I asked when I dedicated myself to the task. We are a divided nation. For more than 40 years we have lacked a judicial system dedicated to providing justice to all citizens and not just to the supporters of one idea. That division has affected the perception of the law and the judiciary. Cubans on the island are familiar with a system that is a caricature of justice. Cubans residing in free countries have only had experiences with the systems that govern in other jurisdictions. Few know anything about our legal traditions, the system that was in force in Cuba and how it compared with other systems. Taking this fact into account, we decided to divide the work into three parts: one that explains what exists today, another what existed, and a third what ought to exist in the future. We do not aspire to enter into too much detail. We would write a book if we were to do so. But we shall give sufficient information so the reader can form an idea of the enormous and indispensable task to be carried out. Indispensable, because one of the problems faced by all countries emerging from communism is the lack of guarantees for investment, for want of a trustworthy and efficient system of justice."

Cuban Constitutional Law : AN ANALYSIS OF THE CHANGES NEEDED TO RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW.   Alberto Luzárraga 2001

The author analyzes in this part the present constitution of 1976 as amended in 1992 in order to determine its validity and whether it has viability as an instrument of change. The analysis covers the articles that govern the organization of the Marxist state and the rights it supposedly confers to the citizens.

Power and the Future of CubaConsiderations for a Future Cuban Constitution. Manuel Perez Torres.

The author in his own words reminds us: "Cuba’s problem now, as it has been through most of its recent history, is primarily a political one, and it is this political problem that must be effectively addressed if the nation is to become and  endure as a free society. I will adopt without further elaboration the thesis advocated by a number of analysts.... that the current Stalinist constitution is to be replaced..... with a new constitution using elements from the 1940 constitution. However the changes proposed here are a major departure from some of the main features of the 1940 constitution."     

A Constitutional Framework for a Free Cuba. Alfred G. Cuzán ASCE 2000

The author explains the different constitutional systems, makes a critique of the 1940 constitution and in conclusion proposes specific elements that a new constitution should include.




Cuba's Foreign Debt. Latest figures. Link to: Económica

Reuters. Peso Under Pressure. More on the following article. Monetary issuance without production= inflation .Economics 101 from which Mr. Castro and his cohorts cannot escape with speeches and slogans.

Link to:LA NUEVA CUBA  Economic data released by Cuba's Central bank. And Congressman Flake wants to lend money to this kind o credit. Is not a loan, its a gift at taxpayers expens

THE US EMBARGO ON CUBA:THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN. By Ricardo Calvo. Facts and figures on whether this is or is not a reasonable proposition                                               

Cheap Things Are Expensive.There is no better description of the profound hypocrisy of the limousine socialist than this heart wrenching article.

European Commissioner says Cuba not yet ready for Cotonu accord . Cuba will simply does not accept anything that weakens the regime.

Cuba responds European Union complaints.

Please note that the Cuban government states: "The foreign investment process complements our country's development," said Senti. "But Cuba is not liberalizing investment, nor is it privatizing the country. Those are precepts of our law and of our politics."  Which means that you are welcome to come in and continue let us take 95% of the workers salary. You must also continue to pay such wages to us directly. We will pay them what we think. 5% is enough for the serfs. 

Cuba in Transition ASCE 6th Annual Meeting at FIU, 1996.Cuba's Hard Currency Debt By Gabriel Fernandez

CUBAN HARD CURRENCY DEBT: Commentary on Gabriel Fernandez paper. By Alberto Luzarraga. ASCE

Updated comment by the author: The paper to which this comment applies is more than five years old but it presents a very useful analysis of Cuba's debt, i.e: from a market standpoint, what is it worth? It was not worth much in 1996. Today there is no market. Thus the restructurings with several counties which are needed in order to present some kind of an obligation supported by a document albeit it may simply be a piece of worthless paper.  There will be no market until Cuba has debt capacity of some sort or the creditors see a ray of light. This is why they are so desperate to lift the embargo. It is a ticket to some sort of recovery of their assets lost due to imprudent credit extensions to a notorious default artist. The only solution is a conversion of debt into equity which is what the Mexicans are probably trying to do again.. This is what the vaguely worded news item of Notimex that follows, really means. Difficult choice. They have to become partners with those who offer "deals you can't refuse".

Cuba Restructures Mexican Debt. A current example of what we commented on above. www.economista.com.mx/online3.nsf/


" During the course of the past several years, diverse private and publicly owned foreign companies have signed contracts with Cuban government owned companies in order to establish the terms and conditions under which they invest in Cuba. Joint venture contracts regulate among other things the way that profits are shared, but parallel to these contracts, there exists another contract undertaken with a Cuban government company that furnishes the workers. The structure of both contracts is such that they are null and void from inception due to the fact that they are based on an illicit cause, namely: to make the Cuban workforce an object of commerce in bulk and to defraud the Cuban worker of most of his wages."

Castro’s Drug-Running Links. By Ernesto Betancourt.

Are the drug cartels investing in Cuba in exchange for Castro’s support? Cuba does not generate the savings required to finance investments. Hotels are reported to be built with Cuban funds, one logical conclusion is that Cuba is a huge money laundering center for the cartels. After all, wasn’t this Ochoa’s plan? We will elaborate on this hypothesis using the figures provided in the ECLAC repor



Academic Purge. Cuban American professors get it . His views are not politically correct.

Cuba a Society Without Elan.An Ideological Ice Age with No Prospects.  By: Richard Bauer. Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG.                 .

This correspondent has captured the existential sadness of life under tyranny. contrary to many superficial pieces this author understands what is behind the facade

Wine Into Vinegar. The Fall of Cuban Biotechnology. By: José de la Fuente.Nature Biotechnology October 2001
Volume 19 Number 10 pp 905 - 907
Octubre 11, 2001.

Quote: " It is this last item that is profoundly disturbing to many of us who gave so much time and effort to the development of an economically viable but essentially altruistic biotechnology in our country. The strengthening of Cuban-Iranian cooperation began with Cuban aid shortly after the Iranian earthquake of 1990 (ref 3) It has culminated in Iran buying outright the prized fruits of the CIGB, namely recombinant protein production technologies in yeast and Escherichia coli, as well as the large-scale purification protocols for both soluble and insoluble proteins synthesized in or excreted by them. There is no one who truly believes that Iran is interested in these technologies for the purpose of protecting all the children in the Middle East from hepatitis, or treating their people with cheap streptokinase when they suffer sudden cardiac arrest"

Gramsci And The U.S. Body Politic By:Alberto Luzarraga

In spite of  its title this article applies  to all open societies that are under cultural attack.

Quote: " Gramsci, a bright man, thought that Stalinist methods would not work in western societies. Violence and revolution, in his opinion, would generate a fatal reaction against the communist movement. He returned to Italy with more subtle and long term ideas and began to develop them. Shortly upon his return, Mussolini jailed Gramsci. The fascist regime saw his ideas as a danger to the State. It was from prison (where he died in 1937) that Gramsci wrote his 33 books. They contain very shrewd insights on how a "capitalist, bourgeois society" works and how it can be taken over peacefully and dominated through a systematic change of its ideas."

The Internationalization of Collective Behavior: Lessons from Elian By: B.E.Aguirre Disaster Research Center University of Delaware Newark, Delaware 19716



VACLAV HAVEL  speaks about the Cuban Cause.

Much Ado About Something? Regime Change in Cuba. By Eusebio Mujal-Leon and Jonathan Busby.

An analysis with academic rigor,  done by two Political Science Professors



Policy Framework to Address Corruption in the Cuban Transition. ASCE 99.Beatriz C.Casals and Sergio Díaz-Briquets

Corruption and the Cuban Transition.Link to:ASCE 99.Jorge F.Pérez-López .




Challenges for a Transitional Judiciary in a Post-Castro Cuba. By Mario Diaz Cruz


Written Testimony by Frank Calzon.

On February 11, 2002 the United States Senate Subcommittee on Treasury and General Government, Committee on Appropriations presided by Senator Byron L. Dorgan held a hearing on the US travel ban to Cuba. At the end of the hearing Sen Dorgan asked Mr. Calzon to submit written testimony. Frank Calzon is the Executive Director of the Center for a Free Cuba.

An excellent and to the point proof of why the libertarian/legal arguments on the embargo have no constitutional basis.

List of Fugitives From US Justice Living in Cuba

Cuban Torturer Convicted.

The jury of eight non-Hispanic whites, two blacks and two Hispanics, one of them Cuban-born, deliberated for 12 hours over three days after seven days of testimony by 16 witnesses.

Jury convicts accused torturer for Cuba.

Castro Sued in Belgium for Crimes Against Humanity.

Full text of complaint in the original French.

Cuba Sued Over Firing Squad Execution

Rights and Remedies Concerning Cuban Residential Property. By Stephen J. Kimmerling




Note: Cuba is a signatory of the International Convention against  Torture but appended a reservation in regard to the inspection provisions.







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