Raul puts blindfold on one of his own soldiers in the Sierra Maestra condemned to death in a 'trial.'



For immediate release.

August 1, 2006, Summit, New Jersey. Fidel Castro has reportedly delegated his duties as First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and President of the Council of State to his brother Raúl.

Cuba Archive is systematically documenting the loss of life during the Cuban Revolution. Based on the work of our Research Director, Armando Lago, Ph.D, and on preliminary field work, the project has already documented 228 victims of extrajudicial assassinations in attempts to escape Cuba. The deaths involve mostly civilians, including many children, and have been perpetrated by Cuban border guards under the command of Raúl Castro as Cuba’s Defense Minister. This tally, believed to be highly underestimated, already exceeds the number of total assassinations in Berlin Wall crossings by one.

Raúl Castro, in addition, is directly responsible for 550 executions in 1959 alone, the first year after the Castro takeover. In Santiago de Cuba on the first fifteen days of January 1959, he had 278 members of the Batista government and of the Armed Forces executed. Just on January 12th, Raúl ordered the execution without trial of over one hundred men. Policeman Benito Cortés Maldonado, an American citizen by birth, was one of the victims.

During the 47 years of repressive rule by the Castro brothers, thousands of Cubans have been executed or assassinated. Scores more have died at sea trying to flee. The Castro regime is also responsible for countless deaths worldwide in international subversion and wars of “liberation.”

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